Boarderline anorexia when young leading to loss of height/gains? Boarderline anorexia when young leading to loss of height/gains?

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Thread: Boarderline anorexia when young leading to loss of height/gains?

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    Default Boarderline anorexia when young leading to loss of height/gains?

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    Hello Robert.

    I have a quick question. I developed a bit of an eating problem for roughly 2 years around the age of 17- 19. Probably a lasted a little less than two years actually. It involved not eating enough food and exercising very excessively. I was quite an overweight kid and I decided to lose the weight, I dropped a good 60lbs if I remember correctly and ended up becoming really super skinny to the point where people started to be worried about me. I'm not sure if it would have been bad enough to be considered anorexia, but I was definitely only consuming a fraction of the food I needed.

    I am worried that this might have stunted my height a little and my general genetic potential. I was just wondering if in general height is affected in such a way after not eating for that period of time, or if it is affected in general only by longer periods of not eating?

    This episode I'm referring to was years and years ago, I'm 32 now, and I've been into strength training for a good ten years. This period of not eating right just really messes with me, because I think I could have achieved better numbers in the weight room if I didn't starve myself for that period as a kid...

    thanks so much,


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    I stopped growing taller at 14. I didn't stunt my growth by under eating, but I do have Osgoodschlatter's and my growth was likely stunted from the low fat diet craze all of the adults feeding me bought into. I am concerned I lost a couple of inches of height to it. Would any reputable doctor be willing to break my legs and monitor their healing under an extensive load so I could regain those 2 inches?

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    I'm sorry to hear that you experienced that. The good news is that you figured it out and are now training. Most men are done growing taller by that age so I doubt it influenced your height but it's possible depending on the individual. Not something you can do anything about at this point unfortunately. Just keep training and getting stronger and see where it takes you.


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