Body Fat Measurements seem low? Body Fat Measurements seem low?

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Thread: Body Fat Measurements seem low?

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    Default Body Fat Measurements seem low?

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    Hello all,

    I recently used the covert Bailey formula to try to figure out my body fat percentage.
    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 254
    Waist at navel: 43
    Hips: 42
    Thigh: 26.5
    Calf: 16.5
    Wrist: 7.5
    Forearm: 14
    Chest: 50.5

    This formula popped out 18.7% body fat, which seems low when I look in the mirror.

    My current lifts are:
    Squat: 325
    Bench: 225
    Deadlift: 365

    I don’t care about my weight per se, I care about BF%. If this is correct or close then I am in my target zone. I can keep eating for gainzzz. I would go up 20 lbs if it helped me reach my barbell goals.

    Just curious if I am on the right track.
    I eat 200ish grams of protein per day. About 3500-4000 calories.

    Thank you!

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    Calculators aren't very good tools for estimating body fat percentage. Get skinfolds or BODPod if you have access to them. Just make sure the technician measuring the skinfolds is proficient.


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