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    My wife just started training with me. She's 31, 5'8", 155lbs. Just lifted for the first time 2 days ago, got up to 65lbs squat, 45lbs press, 100lbs deadlift.

    She wants to get stronger and put on some muscle, but she's already carrying a little more body fat than she'd like, and is worried that a proper training diet will exacerbate this.

    She's a lovely creature, and shouldnt be worried about this, but I've been trying to get a nutritional plan together for her that won't scare her too badly while still providing enough nutrition to stimulate her training progress. I guess what we're after here is that fabled "recomposition".

    She's coming off of some fairly neurotic time-restricted, low-carb eating patterns, and I'd estimate her intake prior to starting training was around 1200-1500 calories a day, under 100g protein, at or under 100g carbs.

    From various sources, these are the daily numbers I worked up for her new plan:
    176g protein
    192g carbs
    61g fat
    2021 calories

    So, my questions:
    1) Generally, is this a good starting point for her?
    2) What's a reasonable rate of net weight gain for someone who wants to minimize fat gains during a novice LP?
    3) What macros should she adjust first if her progress is unsatisfactory for her (either weight increasing too quickly or strength is stalling), and by how much?

    I know these broad questions are difficult to answer precisely, and that a lot of highly individual factors are involved. I'm just looking for some general guidelines so that she can feel secure and in control of the process. I love that she wants to train with me, and I want to make it psychologically sustainable for her.

    Sorry for the long post, any help is appreciated.

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    Good luck convincing her to get that much protein. It would be amazing for her, but from my experience the ladies are hard to convince to even eat 1g/lb bw.

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    Thanks for sharing and we’re glad she took the plunge as well. She doesn’t need that much protein and 100-150 grams are probably sufficient.


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