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    I'm a vegetarian and noticed huge, immediate differences when taking creatine. The effects were everything I wish caffeine did for me. Seriously, this stuff is great. I felt a "pump" for the first time in my life. I also gained 2lbs of water weight virtually overnight that went straight to my muscles, making them stiffer. Its hard to describe what it feels like... Basically like being this guy?
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    I never loaded, just took 5g a day, because the effect of that amount alone was so profound.

    FWIW I must have been pretty deficient because my creatinine levels are always low on blood work, even post creatine supplementation. I do tend to believe it won't do much if you already get enough from your diet.
    But the again, my husband, a meat eater who consumes a large quantity of red meat, also reported good effects, but only after he loaded 10g for a week. So maybe its some other reason entirely.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Maybe it didn't make a noticeable difference because I wasn't creatinine deficient to start with, even being mostly vegan? My lifts progressed fast - 1000 lb club in 4 months after starting strength training (dead lifting 2 months). I can't remember if I started taking creatine in those 1st four months. I do remember not seeing my weight jump up though.

    The reminds me, I didn't take my 3 scoops yet today.

    On second thought, I probably started taking creatine about the same time I switched to 531 BB. That program was horrible for me, I actually lost strength so that may have masked any benefits I got from it. Maybe I'll stop taking it then start again when I hit a plateau, see if it helps me break through.

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