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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Larousse View Post
    My blood pressure and everything else was in the normal range. It could have been a false reading but I'm getting tested again in a few months to see if it was false or not. Ive been on Statins before but the doctor took me off them and everything was testing fine until last week.
    Eric, I fight the same fight with my doc. She's ready to jump on anything that looks above normal with a pill, but thankfully she also listens to well-researched and thought out input from the client (me); so I keep her.

    One thing that I stumbled across recently after an abnormally high (3.5x my standard deviation, so unlikely representative, yet curious) Triglyceride reading was a role that unfiltered coffee has in boosting those numbers. There's a fair amount of research in the literature out there over the last 20+ years that points to this role. My wife and I have been using a French Press for 15+ years now, and based on this information, have recently switched to a standard coffee maker with paper filters to see if that helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by stef View Post
    Numbers bounce around. A second test is just another snapshot, but you might try to keep factors similar between tests so it is maybe more useful than it otherwise might be. Most clinics and labs are pretty terrible about taking test factors seriously, so you have to pay attention on your own. Lipid Variability
    Thanks for that link, Stef. I added that as a link to my spreadsheet that I have to break out at almost every visit with the doc.

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