Eating on training days and recovery days. Eating on training days and recovery days.

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Thread: Eating on training days and recovery days.

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    Default Eating on training days and recovery days.

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    Hi all, I have a question about caloric intake on training and rest days.
    I wanted to know if you eat more on training days than on rest days because you burn more calories on training days.

    Im using an app to track what Iím eating and it tells me to compensate for the calories I burnt during training. Which is about 700kcal.

    So currently I eat around 4500 calories on rest days and around 5000-5500 on training days.
    Does that make sense or should I better eat 4500kcal on all days?
    The high amount of food on training days sometimes leaves me feeling bloated and I noticed big gains in my belly lately. Which is ok but itís getting a bit out of hand.

    Im 28, 1,88m, 98kg and doing the Texas method 4 day plan but training 5 days a week. (2 Training days, 1 day off)
    Progression is working fine.

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    I've tried it both ways and both are appropriate. If you are gaining weight and adding weight to the bar with the offload from training to non-training then I don't see a problem with continuing that approach. Another option is to go higher fat/lower carbohydrate on the non-training day and matching the total calories. Then higher carbohydrate lower fat on the training days.


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