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    Question Sodium intake

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    Hi Robert,

    I'm currently on a post-lockdown LP again, trying to gain weight. Some of my food staples of late have been things like pre-packaged salmon and chicken sausages which, although otherwise lean and high in protein, seem to be outrageously high in sodium. I have no particular health maladies, but I do wonder whether I should be cautious about consuming such things in greater moderation.

    To show what I'm referring to:

    The salmon, for example, is 200g at "4 servings", each with 365mg sodium, for total 1460mg which just seems mad for a single fillet.
    The chicken sausages have 547mg per sausage.

    My diet overall is relatively "clean" - I try to consume mostly foods such as potatoes, rice, chicken breast, oats and get fruit and veggies every meal.

    Insofar as a general observation can be made, do foods like this fall outside what might be considered "everyday options" based on sodium alone?

    For the record, I'm male, 32, 5'11" and 170lbs with no health concerns (...yet).

    Many thanks,


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    I don't see a big problem with it other than it desensitizes your palate so you may start to demand that level of flavor to eat. This can make it difficult to keep your food choices "clean" for lack of a better word. If you don't have high blood pressure I see no issue with it but I would prefer less processed options as a general rule


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