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    I ran across a product named "Core Power Elite" that has 42g in protein. Very convenient way to help meet daily protein requirements, tastes great and easy on my stomach, but kinda expensive so I thought I'd ask about it before buying more.

    I've read elsewhere that because typical RTD protein shakes must be pasteurized after processing the protein is "denatured" and not as digestible. Sounds like marketing to me, but is there any truth to that?

    The difference for "Core Power Elite" is that it's primary ingredient is "Filtered Lowfat Grade A Milk" and is not made w/ powdered protein. From their site it looks like the raw milk is pasteurized like typical grocery store milk, but it may not be after filtering to concentrate the protein, so there could be a difference there compared to other RTD shakes.

    What's your opinion on "Ultra Filtered Milk" products?

    Googled the product for this site and only one mention came up in a log, so if it's been discussed ad-nauseum before I apologize.


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    I prefer ultra-filtered milk because the nonfat and lowfat options are more viscous. Most likely marketing hype. I drink CPE when I'm in a pinch, works just fine.


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