Two questions regarding weight loss during NLP Two questions regarding weight loss during NLP

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Thread: Two questions regarding weight loss during NLP

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    Default Two questions regarding weight loss during NLP

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    Greetings, Robert. I'm a 34 year old novice who is about to begin the second week of the NLP. I weigh 270lbs at 5ft 9in. My reasons main two goals are to lose weight and strengthen my lower back, as I have a slipped disc that causes a considerable amount of pain.

    After reading what you've written about obese trainees, and the importance of carbohydrates for performance, I realized my initial meal plan contained too much fat, and too little carbs. Current plan is to consume 240g protein, 40g fat, and enough carbs to get me to 2,500 calories. I will maintain these numbers until weight loss stalls, at which point I will begin to reduce carbs.

    I will lift on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and spend an hour on the rowing machine Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

    Two questions,

    1. Have I been thinking about this wrong? Should I be more concerned with maintaining fat loss or strength gains? In other words, if I'm losing weight but getting stuck on the NLP, would I be better served by maintaining the deficit, or foregoing fat loss and lessening the deficit to facilitate strength gains? Since muscle mass can't be cultivated in a caloric deficit, strength gains are just that- strength gains.. I'm not adding muscle, so I won't be seeing the benefit of an increased BMR, right? Better to forego strength gains in favor of weight loss until I'm at a weight where eating at a surplus is appropriate, no?

    2. I train early mornings, but I don't tend to sleep well unless I feel satiated and include carbohydrates during my last meal of the day. Is the solution to this simply to begin training in the evenings?

    I've been reading your articles, but am a little overwhelmed with all the information. I'm hoping I've correctly interpreted you and came to the right conclusions. Thank you for your time, as well as the knowledge you've shared with us.

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    Thanks for posting. You have the correct approach just mix protein and fat before bed, it will take care of the satiety better. You have read and interpreted just fine


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