Advice needed - appetite problem after illness Advice needed - appetite problem after illness

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Thread: Advice needed - appetite problem after illness

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    A few weeks ago I was sick, had a fever and stomach issue. Was off the gym for 9 days. Went from 100kg to 96 kg (now at about 97 but not increasing) and lost quite a bit of strength. Im still quite a bit down on strength and energy.

    I feel the reason my weight and strength are down is because im not able to eat enough. My appetite has about halved. I cant eat as much as I was before i got sick, so i feel like i have less energy to squat, deadlift etc..which therefore means i havent been able to lift as much, which therefore means im not as hungry after training etc. its like a cycle.

    Does anyone have some advice on how I can get my appetite back? At the moment i can only eat about two thirds of what i was until i start making myself feel sick.

    Thanks a lot.

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    You need to figure out why you are sick and what can be done about it first. Have you done this?


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