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    My programming is 2 sets of 3 reps for heavy days. Since that day with you, I've probably pussed out maybe 3 workouts on DL total.

    Re cut... Some want to cut 2 lbs per week, some half a pound, etc. Why would someone need to do 2lbs vs half a pound, etc. I'd imagine most here when doing a cut, do it wrong. I know I probably have.

    For what purpose, you asked......I honestly care about fitting into my size 34 waist pants. I dont care what I weigh because it's irrelevant. But I don't want to have to buy an entirety new wardrobe!

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Santana View Post
    1) No
    2) Aggressive cut for what purpose? Some people have to cut aggressively to lose 1-2 lb per week and others don't.

    Finish the last two reps man. Then add another 5 lb. Then you'll have 405+ next time you come in.

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    The more aggressive the cut the more it will likely threaten your training. Cutting, by definition, is under-recovery. If you are advanced enough under the bar, training becomes exercise-on-a-diet when you cut calories because no meaningful progress is likely to be made and strength loss is inevitable.

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