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    Hi Robert,

    I have run into an issue that I cannot understand at all. Started NLP in November 2020, eating 3500 kcal at first, then upping it to 4k to 4.2k. On these calories, my weight has been stable for the past 5-6 months. Switching over to intermediate programming, I would like to get rid of the fluffy belly (seems to be the only place where a significant amount of fat has accumulated). Been eating 3200 kcals a day now for close to 3 weeks and have not even lost a fraction of a pound. Any ideas what is going on here? It's frustrating by now since I am hungry all the time and there are literally no results at all from it.

    Male, 38 years, 6' 1", 230 lbs
    Daily intake: 250 g protein, 350 g carbs, 80 g fat

    Squat: 330 for 3 sets of 5
    DL: 475 for 2 doubles and a single
    Bench: 240 for 5x5 and 250 for 5
    Press: 125 for 5x5 and 165 for 7 singles
    Power Clean: 180 for 5 triples

    Still able to progress right now, but slowly.

    Any advice or ideas what is going on here?

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    You aren't at a bad weight but your press needs work. Are you chinning? How are those calories distributed?


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