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    Personal Info: Male, 18 Years Old, Currently weigh 305 pounds (37% BF)

    Firstly, I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Im writing this post with regards to my caloric intake, especially as a fat 18 year old teen. After taking a good look at myself after thanksgiving dinner, and having thought to myself, "Damn i'm fat", I have decided to start taking my diet seriously and try to drop BF. I'm currently still in my novice progession, and my lifts are listed here:

    Squat - 435#
    Deadlift - 450#
    Bench - 225#
    Press - 185#

    So my question is: What would be a caloric intake that would allow me to drag out NLP, while still leaning down. I have read both "To be a beast" and "A Clarification" to help answer some more bqsic questions. Currently, I have my caloric intake set at 3000 kcal, with 300C/263P/83F. However, I feel as if this is a bit high, considering I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle (College Student), and already have extremely high body fat. Any tips or recommendations is highly appreciated. Thanks once again!

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    Keep your step count around 10k or more per day and you'll be fine. 3000 calories is not high for someone in your position. Eating 3000 calories during the week and 6000 calories on the weekend is where most people run into problems and arrive at the odd conclusion that they need to eat 1500 calories to lose weight. You need to deadlift more btw but I suspect the abdominal fat is an issue there.


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