Sheep Milk recommendations? Sheep Milk recommendations?

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Thread: Sheep Milk recommendations?

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    Default Sheep Milk recommendations?

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    Has anyone here tried including a lot of sheep milk as part of diet?

    Just a cup is: 264 calories, 15g protein, 17g fat, 13g carbs which almost sounds too good to be true for a whole single-ingredient food in liquid form. Supposed to taste fantastic as well. Only issue is having a hard time finding vendors even in NYC (though it appears to be commercially available in various types of markets randomly around the country) though having it delivered frozen in bulk might be an option.

    It is expensive. The one possible vendor who would deliver I found quotes $30/gallon (which is ridiculous, but $15/gallon might be more appropriate for comparison adjusting for the calorie density). Seems to be more widely available across Europe, and I'm a bit surprised something with its nutrition profile wouldn't be vastly more popular here as well.

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    I drank Goat's milk as a child, when I had childhood allergies. No experience with sheep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pangloss View Post
    Has anyone here tried including a lot of sheep milk as part of diet?
    How does that compare to cow milk? What is better about it?
    (I don't drink milk of any kind other than the odd latte, it is just an ingredient in recipes otherwise. Just curious. And at $15-30/gallon...).

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    Have you looked at the macros of the fairlife milk? Much more affordable than sheep, it seems. I drink about a gomad of the skim.


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