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    I've been doing SS properly for about 7 weeks now. I'm 6'1, currently weigh 178lbs (started the program at 159lbs), and the weight gain has come to a crawl. Initially, I was starving after every workout. I would eat incessantly all day, and gain weight like it was nothing. Now, my appetite is vanishing, and even though my workouts are getting harder, I find myself unable to gain more than .5lb - 1lb per week at best.

    Is this normal? I just woke up after having slept 8.5 hours after eating a ribeye steak last night, and my weight is almost unchanged from what it was last Friday. I haven't stalled on any of the lifts, and am doing everything I can to bulk throughout the program. If there's an upper limit on what my weight to be, it would at least be 220+, so I want to gain another 40lbs. What strategies can I employ to help me?

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    You clearly need to eat more food than what you are eating now. Do you have any idea where your calories and macros are and/or a food record of some sort?


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