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    Question up front: What do I need to get my weight up to in order to get my numbers "respectable"?

    In 2020, I ran a modified SS NLP under the guidance of a SS affiliate instructor. In 2021 I decided to move on to other things, and I'm now looking to get back into training. In retrospect, I'm guessing I should have gained even more weight to get numbers up, but my coach and I didn't discuss nutrition.

    I'm early 40's. 6'9" male. I started the program at 250ish lbs and ended at 295 lbs.

    I don't have my notebooks handy, but my squat peaked around 250 and DL peaked around 275 for one top set. Press and bench were low 100's.

    I now train BJJ white belt, but don't compete. I'm not in any other athletic activities.

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    No reason you can't pull 500 and squat 400. Your deadlift likely didn't peak you probably bailed on it because it felt heavier than it was. Either that or the squats were high. You'll need to get up to 350 if you want to make the most out of this tough.

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    A good rule of thumb is that you should probably be able to do at LEAST your bodyweight on the squat and the deadlift before you need to worry about gaining weight to drive either of those up. Probably the same for the bench too, though not the press. Even if you lose weight and consequently some strength, that target will move down, so it's self correcting. Put another way, there's no reason a 295 pound guy can't squat 295 without gaining a single pound (barring some *extremely* unfortunate genetics).

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