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    Dr. Santana: Thank you for your excellent article on B vitamins. (Vitamins and Barbell Training Part 1: The B-Vitamins | Robert Santana)

    I especially appreciated your point about the narrow range on which the current recommendations are based. A woman growing eight pounds of baby over nine months is acknowledged as needing more vitamin intake, but an adult adding a similar amount (or more) of their own body is not...? Hmmm...

    Quick question: In the chart, there is a double asterisk for lamb liver on the last row, for B12. Is there supposed to be a referent there, or is it maybe a copy/paste artifact?


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    Thanks for the kind words. This is true about the narrow range. You need to eat more food to build muscle and physically perform at a higher level yet you don't need more vitamins, which come with more food, because "no evidence." See what's wrong with this picture?

    I am not sure where the asterisk came from. I wrote all those foods manually so there shouldn't be an asterisk. May indeed have landed there somewhere in the submission/transferring process. Nothing special there.

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    When it comes to lamb liver, no asterisk is needed.

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