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    I have a question regarding digestion and controlling bowel movements with high food intake. Unfortunately I canít seem to eat a proper breakfast and lunch without having a bowel movement. Normally I would not care, but I am about to spend the next few months on a commercial masonry job and really want to avoid those porto shitters at all costs. I did a few months of one tablespoon of Metamucil at night, but that didnít particularly regulate me. I then used a supplement called take two, which was a fiber supplement for gay men to have anal sex and not get shit everywhere, and it really worked well honestly for once a day one wipers, but it has been discontinued. So my last idea is digestive enzymes. Are they useful for regulating bowel movements, or any other issue? Thanks for your time Robert, Iím aware of how stupid this thread sounds but I really am serious.

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    You know they make toilet covers. They are pretty inexpensive too. Highly recommend.

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