Should I do a cut now or wait a couple more months? Should I do a cut now or wait a couple more months?

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Thread: Should I do a cut now or wait a couple more months?

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    Default Should I do a cut now or wait a couple more months?

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    I am starting to track my diet. For the most part ignored my diet for the NLP. I have no problems gaining weight.

    I am a 5'11" 41 year old male. 362lbs is my Current weight. Have no idea what my BMI is.
    I am outside the NLP an do an beginner Intermediate Schedule. Been training since February - 355 Squat, 390 Dead Lift, 185 Press, 265 Bench.

    I really want to get my Squat up into the 400's I think it is possible.

    1. Should I go ahead and try to cut my weight?
    2. What would be a good goal?
    3. What would be good macro targets?

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    At that bodyweight and with those numbers I'd suggest getting some of that weight off. That said, your numbers are good and I'd be shocked if you don't get into the 400s this month. No reason you can't do that while dropping some weight. As for goals, those are for you and you alone to set. Macro targets are covered in the articles/position papers on this board. I don't know anything about your situation so recommending anything specific is beyond the scope of this board.

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    Instead of arbitrary macro targets, look at what you have been eating for the past few weeks and what your weight has been doing as a result. Estimate macros off of that and adjust as needed. Keep protein and carbs high for satiety and training. Cut out fat where you can.

    From my own dieting experience, make small sustainable changes. Cut cream out of your coffee. Make eggs without cheese. Cut out junk food, “clean up” your diet. Don’t try to wholesale exchange your current diet for what you think is ideal, it’s pretty hard to do.

    Good luck

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    it might be a good idea to gradually work towards weight loss. Aiming to increase your squat into the 400's sounds like a solid goal. focusing on a higher protein intake to support muscle growth, along with balanced carbs and healthy fats, is key

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    The upside of being at that bodyweight is that you really don't need to worry about your performance tanking all that much if you try to lose weight. Your body has all the calories it needs. Just keep your protein intake high and it'll take care of itself. Once you get into the low 200s (if that's where you're headed) this will change, but the horror(?) stories of guys stalling while going from 200 to 180 just aren't going to happen to you for a good long while.

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