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    Long time listener, first time caller.
    Iím 30 years old, 6 foot, 230 lbs and work a sedentary IT job. Former athlete, and have done everything from Ironman triathlon to Crossfit in the past. Iím a good 4 years detrained.

    I started my NLP this week.
    Starting weights were:
    Squat 145
    OHP 95
    Bench 135
    Deadlift 225

    I understand that my bodyweight will naturally go up as the program progresses. My question is: Am I at a threshold where I should be focusing be on dropping weight first, since I have a BMI of around 30 already? Or should I just STFU and do the program? I have no problem doing either. If it's the later, how much weight should I expect to gain over the course of the NLP? Do you think 3000 calories a day and 220 grams of protein sounds reasonable as a starting point for my situation? Thanks for any help!

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    1) Absolutely not. You are at a good weight and will recompose just fine especially with the athletic background. BMI goes in the toilet once you add lifting into the mix.

    2) Initially you shouldn't gain much bodyweight, maybe 10-20 lb tops. As it gets heavier your body will let you know.

    3) 3500 would be better. 220 g protein, 350 g carbs.

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