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Thread: question about meal timing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Santana View Post
    You simply cannot train on the shit. People don't get it. In theory, you can convert amino acids into glucose albeit inefficiently. In practice, that doesn't seem to matter because:

    A) People will not consistently eat 400-600 grams of protein.
    B) It doesn't seem to work the way the biochemistry books tell us in practice. In all fairness to the biochemistry books they don't claim that the conversion will be efficient enough to train at high intensities. They just tell us it can be done.
    Right, when I introduce white rice after a period of no carbs it always shocks me how much stronger I get. Unfortunately if someone can resolve stubborn symptoms via carnivore they need to chose whatís more important; training or symptom resolution. Itís a damn frustrating place to be in. Your take on this is always good to hear, even though I can assume youíve been flooded with people asking about it for the last year or two.

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    I get diabetics that have to make this tradeoff all the time. More insulin or meds to be able to eat more and train or train like shit to keep med dosages and carbs down. Always a series of tradeoffs that only you the lifter can make.

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