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Thread: NLP Diet - Any Adjustments?

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    Default NLP Diet - Any Adjustments?

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    Should I make any adjustments to my current diet on my NLP Run?

    Age: 49 years 6 months
    Height: 5'8"

    NLP Start: 170 lbs 30% body fat using Navy Calculator
    Current: 190 lbs 30% body fat using Navy Calculator

    Squat started at 70 lbs and currently is at 255 lbs doing 5 lb jumps at the moment (3x5)
    Deadlift started at 95 lbs and currently is at 275 lbs doing 5 lb jumps at the moment (3x2) - little behind due to strain. Fixed my technique.
    Bench press started at 50 lbs and currently is at 172 lbs doing 2 lb jumps now (3x5)
    Press started at 50 lbs and is currently at 120 lbs. just moved to a 1 lb jump (3x5)

    Just started chin ups and can do 5x3 with an orange band assist. I can barely pull 1 bodyweight chin up at the moment.

    Diet: 3000 calories
    375 grams of Carbs - mostly whole grains, oats, potatoes
    200 grams of Protein - meat, chicken, turkey, egg whites, eggs
    80 grams of Fat - meat fat, butter, sour cream, avocado, cheese, nuts

    All my fat accumulates on my stomach, relatively "skinny arms and skinny legs" firm muscle to touch but very little fat.

    Should I cut or add anything in my current configuration? Will I end up overshooting on weight and fat % considering my age? My job is sedentary and I switch between sitting and standing over 10 hours. Walking for an hour on rest days.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Tell me this. Why would a man bench pressing 172 for 3 sets of 5 have big arms? You still have work to do under the bar and normal male fat storage patterns are the least of your concerns. You are 30% body fat at 170 and 190. Things are going in the positive direction but you aren't out of the dog house yet. So recommendation number one is stop pussyfooting around with the deadlift or bury your squats because a 275 deadlift is either the result of a high squat or fear of the hard work that is the deadlift.

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