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Thread: 76 year old olympic weightlifter

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    I seem to be tolerating the full squat clean again, and better now, at least for the moment.
    Excellent news. We can hope for a long period of slow, steady gains, as long as you don't go hog wild with frequency or volume or intensity.

    It's the subtle change in grip to prepare the jerk that's the issue--an easy transition from the power clean or squat clean, but clumsy AF for me out of the split.
    You are right about the squat clean being the ideal way to reset the grip from hook to normal, or normal to thumbless, and widen the grip, as you pop the bar off the shoulders coming out of the clean.
    But if you ever need to go back to the split, it really isn't much of a problem.
    As you stand there, you can change and widen the grip, and one hand at a time if you want.
    And you can give a kick with the knees to lift the bar for that too, which is quite legal.

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    78 NOW

    Greetings friends. I am back to report on the last 6 months
    training, on the probably conceited idea that the people on
    this site will be old enough one day to be interested how it
    goes when you are over the hill.
    Sure enough I am far weaker than the people training here,
    including the oldies, but we all have to work from where we
    This 6 months began with a 3 month recovery block, all sets
    done with light weights to restore body and mind.

    The program was 2 workouts a week, each with 2 of the 4
    exercises done for 5 singles, then 5 sets of 5, then 5 sets of 10.
    These were followed by 10 sets of 2-3 reps of one of the
    olympic lifts, and 10 sets of flexing single joint exercises.

    So that was 50 sets of easy weights. Ended Dec 27, 2018. There
    was a gentle increase in intensity all the time. There were 22
    workouts amongst the disruptions.

    The Olympic Deadlift / Press on back tonnage went from 10,660 k
    to 13,337 k. Press /Squat 9,084 k to 12,736 k. Didn't mean I
    got any stronger, just increased training weights a bit.

    Starting January this year began a program with oldie low
    volume and heavier weights. Very slow increases in weights
    planned for the whole year.
    Paused breathing sq started at 80 k for 10, now at 22 reps.
    Weight to jump when I get 25 reps.
    Breathing squat started at 90 k for 20, now at 96 k.
    I started with jerk triples 35 k : power clean doubles 42.5 k :
    clean & press 35 k for 5, 37.5 k for 3 : power snatch 30 k for 3 :
    power JBN 42.5 k for 2 : olympic deadlift 85 k for 5.

    My targets for the year are Breathing sq 110 k, Clean and Press
    55 k, olympic deadlift 115 k for 5, sets of 20 ab rollouts on
    knees and some standing.
    On my flexing bodybuilding exercises the plan is to work up
    to 2 sets of 15, then increase weight.

    Because in my country, men who have a V shape are admired,
    & men who have a pear shape are looked down on, and also
    for health and longevity reasons, I strictly keep my weight
    down to 85 k, mainly by the 5/2 diet.
    When I don't, my weight rends to rise about a pound a week.
    This would be nice for strength gainz, but I cannot afford
    to have a bulk up season, as old skin don't shrink well once
    it's stretched, & I don't want to be covered in wrinkles.
    Also I move pretty quick thru workouts because my
    sport operates on 2 minute rests between attempts.

    So, having boasted about what i'm gunna do, if
    sarcopenia cuts me down this year, i'll have to
    admit i'm a pussy at years end.

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    I was in the “Elderly” thread. When that got liquidated, they put me here in 'general programming and everything else'.
    Bit sad not having all the oldies at hand to follow & interchange ideas with. But here I am. What I do has no relevance to the young tigers on this site, but for those shrinking and wrinkling and balding, my experiences and experiments and problems might be of some value.
    I hope these find my post here,


    The finish of my 6 month block ….

    Was going heavy – Ha Ha! At least that's what I call it.

    Most things progressed a bit.
    Breathing squat went from 96 k for twenty to 106 k. Looks like I will make the target 110 k around year's end.
    Paused breathing sq started at 80 k for 22. That reached the target 25 reps, then jumped to 85 k for 10, and then increased by single reps to 14 currently.
    Clean and Press disappointing. Started at 35 k for 5, 40 for 3, and a single at 45. Currently 40 k for 5, 42.5 for 3, and the single hasn't moved. Keep failing with 47.5. And I boasted I was going to do 55 this year! Ain't gunna happen.
    Power Clean started with a double at 47.5 k. Now 50 x 2. I wanted a lot more.
    Olympic Deadlift. Started at 100 k for 5, now 115 for 5.
    Power snatch was 30 k for 3, now 32.5 for 3, and 35 for 1.

    My muscle flexing exercises went like this -
    wide grip lat machine 110 lb for 2 x 12 to 132 lb for 7.
    close grip palms up lat machine 110 for 14 and 13 to 132 for 7.
    one arm curl 10 k for 2 x 13 to 14 k for 7.
    triceps pressdowns 90 lb for 13 to 100 for 8.
    ab roller started 2 x 18. now 2 x 20, but haven't reached touching chest to floor yet.

    Bodyweight went up 2 k to 87 k, which it wasn't s'posed to. Have to do something about this with summer starting.
    When the next block is finished I will be 79.

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    I about 9 years younger and weigh about 210lbs. I too don't want to gain any weight for health and look reasons. For some reason today my measly planned sqts of 175lbs for 5 reps wasn't happening, I hope it was just an off day. Your sqts and DL are awesome.

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    I too don't want to gain any weight for health and look reasons.
    Hee Hee! At our age we should be done with vanity, but it still hangs around.

    today my measly planned sqts of 175lbs for 5 reps wasn't happening
    Yeah, happens. We both were more powerful when younger, but here we are setting about improving what we can by judicious use of intensity and whatever recovery time we need.

    Your pulldowns are very powerful, and your dumbell bench presses are far and away better than i could ever do.
    My deadlifts could be good (long arms) but olympic lifters have to go really easy on them, as they hit the lower back so hard they interfere with your training due to the recovery time.

    For us, "Slow never fails to arrive. Forever has just begun. Time really is on our side."

    A new program starts for me in January, and i am looking forward to whatever improvements i can finesse in the next year.

    Keep training and inspiring me.

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    Well, the Corona Virus crashed my 6 month training block, about a week out from its end.
    This year my training plan was 3 months R+R light, while testing the year's plan, and then going for it for the rest of the year.
    The heavy is on hold, until they let me back in the gym & at it.
    Major target is to push the 20 rep Olympic Deadlift as high as possible. Also I am doing High Bar Back Squats this year, with different rep ranges, again to the best of my ability.
    I am determined to get the Clean and Press to a respectable level again, bearing in mind I did 15 lb above bodyweight when I was at my best.

    …................................................. .................................................
    So, my progress last year was sort of alright for a 79 year old, though some things were disappointing.

    Breathing Squat 20 with 90 k (198 lb) to 20 with 110 k (242 lb)

    Olympic Deadlift 5 with 85 k (187 lb) to 5 with 115 k (253 lb). If you don't know this animal, it is a power clean that stops thigh high. Its for building pulling power for Olympic lifts by strengthening the muscles that do it.

    Clean and Press. 35 k for 5 to 40 k. 37.5 k for 3 to 42.5. 45 k for a single to nothing better. Bugrit!

    Flexing exercises ….
    Wide grip lat machine, 100 lb 2 sets of 10 to 132 lb for 7.
    Palms up lat machine, 110 lb for 10 to 132 for 7.
    One arm curl, 10 k 2 sets 10 to 14 k for7.
    Triceps pressdown, 80 lb for 10 to 100 lb for 8.

    …................................................. ........................................
    In 2019 my lower back was always sore from the Olympic lifts, power cleans, power snatches, high pulls, breathing squats, and Olympic Deadlifts.
    So this year I spread things out. Like Rip, Squat OR Deadlift once a week, and only 2 heavy exercises each workout day. A big variety of exercises on a rotating cycle of whole body routines.

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    18/2/2021. Now 80 years old.

    Just a run down on 2020.

    In 2019 didn’t make my targets, but did get to 110 k breathing squat for 20, and 115 k olympic deadlift for 5.

    That was good for me - an old 85 k lifter.

    Was planning to do better across the board in 2020, starting with a 3 month light phase, to be followed with amazing improvements on everything.

    The main alteration in training was a reduction in frequency of all the lower back stuff that had been making my erectors constantly sore – deadlifts, high pulls, olympic lifts, squats.

    Yeh, good plan. Just as I was finishing the light phase, and starting to go for it, Covid hit the state. Gyms closed. All I could do was walks and light dumbell work at home.

    Months later, when things get back to normal, I was as weak as a kitten, and instead of snapping back to where I was, progress was, and continues to be, agonizingly slow.

    The reduced frequencies of squat one day in week one, deadlift one day in week two, and reductions in olympic lifts and strengthening exercises, suit me well, and i am recovering ok, and inching up without excessive fatigue.

    Have not yet got to where I was in 2019, but I will get there if I can keep judging the correct training effect.

    I know I am supposed to lose 2 percent of my power every year now at my age, but I am determined to instead improve ( a bit).

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    Thats a perfect goal, get stronger. Your plan seems wise.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Thanks 57.
    All good so far. Adding a rep, or a tiny bit of weight, each workout each exercise.
    Nearly back to where i was in 2019 in the clean and press. This exercise is very dear to me, as it works more of the body than any other exercise.

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