Re-calculating after 2 Week Layoff Re-calculating after 2 Week Layoff

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Thread: Re-calculating after 2 Week Layoff

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    Default Re-calculating after 2 Week Layoff

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    54 year old - 5:10 205 lb - 11 weeks of Linear Programming

    I was making great progress (for me anyway) - 300 lb deadlift.

    Then I caught the office bug followed by Mardi Gras.

    Any idea on the percentage of weight to take off from previous high?



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    Andy Baker wrote an article about this that was put up late last year. Here's the link: Coming Back After a Layoff | Andy Baker

    Best of luck with your comeback!

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    That made interesting reading.
    I've just made a return to the gym after a really nasty bout of flu.

    I chose to lift as heavy as I could for singles whilst keeping some degree of good form (not true 1RM). Then I started adding reps on each session and/or adding sets depending on how it went. If I struggled with a triple then I kept the reps to three and added an additional set until I could begin to increase the reps and drop the additional set. I realise this was a good idea having read Andy Bakers piece, because I had lost conditioning (I had also lost half a stone) and too many reps had me busted, but an additional set with a good rest in between was achievable.


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