Modifications needed to Texas Method for deadlift Modifications needed to Texas Method for deadlift

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Thread: Modifications needed to Texas Method for deadlift

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    Default Modifications needed to Texas Method for deadlift

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    I'm a 41 yo female that has been lifting for 30 weeks, first with LP then switching to triples (week 5) but still on LP, moving on to the Texas Method (week 12) for squat and deadlift

    (My press and bench are still on LP triples)

    The last two weeks on intensity day I was unable to complete my last rep for my deadlift.

    I'm reading Barbell Prescription and it seems like I should switch to Intensity Day Rotation with Rep Progression. The example in the book is 23-5. The example uses the 5 rep set up but since I switched to triples, I think I should just adjust the example to the reps and sets I'm already doing.

    I guess I'm looking for recommendations since I missed deadlift reps 2 weeks in a row on the Texas Method.

    And does the fact that I switched to triples at week 5 mess anything up?

    Thanks! Amelia

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    Yes! That is what I've been following for the last 18 weeks. But for the last 2 weeks on intensity day, I have only been able to get 1 rep of my deadlift instead of 2. So I think that means I need to make some sort of modification. I've been reviewing my training log and reading Barbell Prescription Ch 23 for modifications, but I'm just not sure what adjustment to make.

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    You could reset back to 5s for a while on volume and intensity Day, then run it back down to 3s, 2s,1s etc. but maybe check youíre recovery situation first. Are you sleeping and eating enough? I a accidentally fumbled around and deleted my first post when trying to edit it( so people donít get the notion that youíre talking to yourself), but I referenced the womenís TM model in BB Prescription.
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