The basic details: I'm an otherwise healthy 52 year old male about 20 weeks into the program based on Starting Strength, but following the general course laid out in Barbell RX and complied with as life allows. Long story short version of why I'm posting; I started noticing my heart was skipping beats pretty consistently when I was checking my pulse. An in office EKG and a 48 hour Holter monitor indicated a frequent PVC, about 800 instances per hour. I'm getting a referral to a cardiologist, I assume one of the next steps will be something along the lines of an exercise stress test and/or echocardiogram to detect any damage. Other than if I am checking my pulse, I'm completely asymptomatic. No syncope (exercise or otherwise), no palpitations, chest pains, anything. I am looking for input/insight from any of the physicians who frequent the board, I guess any trainers with trainees with this sort of issue, or anyone who is similarly situated to me and training.

General medical facts (hoping what I remember the doctor telling me as I interrogated him is accurate enough to be understandable): the PVC appears to be sinus rhythm and there are no indicators of any fibrillation or V-tach. The 800 per hour is a high burden, but there are basically no signs that would indicate a high probability of a 'grabber' style event. Quadrigeminary (sp?). I'm marginal for bradycardia - resting pulse rate of 58 or so which blocks off certain options for treatment if there is a need to intervene. May be contributing to slightly elevated BP (130/85 where it's been about 120/75 historically). Asked multiple times to confirm there were no symptoms as my GP has very rarely had a patient with this number of events who didn't faint, feel fluttering, etc. I have been on methylphenidate for ADHD - stopped for now. To his credit the doctor has never once told me not to lift or to go jogging, and has even said something like "BMI says you're fat, but you obviously aren't. So don't worry."

Other basic factors. I don't know when this started, I just noticed the 'missed beats' in the past few months and only on the rare occasions I was checking my pulse. I assume that either in previous checkups or my Army physical or any sports physicals many years ago would have caught this if it were a long term thing. No excessive caffeine (~2 cups per day) or alcohol consumption (about 5 beers per week), non-smoker.

What I'm most interested in getting is the physician perspective - given the utter lack of symptoms while exercising, I'm assuming I'm OK to continue to lift, and the doctor stated that generally the stable sort of PVC I appear to have doesn't present some sort of massive and imminent danger. But he doesn't generally work with people who lift heavier weights. Should I be laying off pending cardiology results? Should I continue on my progression? Is the lack of other symptoms prone to change as I put more weight on the bar? Does anyone have patients with that sort of PVC rate who are lifting and have good/bad outcomes? My preference would be to continue since I'm not getting younger, and time's arrow is a catabolic mofo; but I've heard the heart is sort of important and would have no issues chilling for a bit.

The other usual information - about 6'1" and 225 pounds - up maybe 10 lbs since the start. After about 4 weeks of the basic program I moved to a 1 on 2 off schedule to promote recovery, and have kept in NLP, although I'm microloading now and feel like I'm certainly near the end on upper body (I've reset once), and added a light day on squats. Probably not at all relevant since this isn't an "I'm stuck" request and there's plenty of information in the dang books and forums about what to do, but current numbers are 267.5 squat, 335 DL, 192 bench, 133.5 press, 155 clean. Any sort of cardio is restricted to martial arts at least once per week, plus an occasional hike/tennis/bike ride with my wife and kids. Average 3600 mostly good calories and at least 200 grams of protein.

Sorry about the length, as I don't really know what's relevant and not relevant. Also hoping I have the right subforum - I think I'm special populations. Thanks in advance for any advice.