Good day,

I started the SS program with my son almost a year and a half ago to help manage my back pain. It has become one of the most rewarding bonding activities I've ever done with him and watching him develop has been an amazing experience.

Our training has been inconsistent due to a variety of reasons and to keep programming simple when I enlisted the help of SSOC (for a short period to help me navigate my back problems) he simply copied my routine which was less than ideal for him, but then again the intention was not to push him hard anyway. After my time with SSOC ended, my back worsened, I had my operation, and the recovery afterwards (Januart to present) he has been straight back on the basic LP.

He was 13 years old (solid tanner stage 4 and about 60kg) when we started. The goal we set for ourselves was the Barbel Badge from Brett Mckay's Strenous Life. (Squat 1.7x bodyweight/Bench 1x/Deadlift 1.7x/Press.7x).
He has gone past this on his big lifts and is pretty close on his presses. Attached is a picture of the excel graph I made him to visually track his progress.Level 0.jpg

He is now 15 and weighs about 80kg (looks like roughly 1kg a month over the last 10months average according to his training records)
He is still adding weight to the bar every session .5kg on presses and 1kg on his big lifts. I told him we would put together or find an intermediate program for him once he hits a plateau but other than the occasional failure to complete the last rep on his last work set due to having to miss a workout due to travelling or overdoing his other sports he has only had one deloading scenario in the last 10months where he failed 134kg deadlift twice and I made him deload 10% which set him back about two months but he's lifting 156kg tonight. Previously if he failed a particular jump in weight twice we would make his increase smaller which I think now is about as small as is practical.

I would like some advice on the way forward.
He is clearly still progressing on the basic LP and whenever he starts to struggle I frame it for him as failure on either consistency, nutrition, or sleep and not his programme and he certainly still has scope for growth in all those areas.
My theoretical understanding of the LP is that you should stay on it until your body is unable to recover from applied stress within 48hrs which he is able to do.
He is, however, reporting that his lifts quantitatively improve if he skips a day of training (eg: only lifting Mon and Friday). His form is better and he struggles less even though he still added his due weight.
Additionally, his lifts are getting brutal, he gets them done but he is maxing himself out every session.

Any advice would be appreciated.