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Thread: Old Man TM modifications for powerlifting participant.

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    First, I appreciate that someone is willing to spend as much time as you have offering suggestions to a 1st time poster. Although I dropped a pretty good hint that I am not what many people would consider a novice or fledgling intermediate lifter, there is a lot for me to learn. A Master 3 (60+) lifter at IPF World Masters Championships that lifted two times his body weight has occasionally had a winning deadlift. Since I claimed that I am close to that ratio for 5 reps, I expected to be called out for making stuff up. Although I can't prove a 5RM, I have broken at least one national record in one of the 3 lifts. Still, I am not foolish or arrogant enough to believe that there aren't many much stronger lifters who simply have no desire to compete one they become old.

    I have a resting HR in the mid 40s and I recover quickly from using a Stairmaster. Like adding a light lifting day, some form of cardio on off days seems to reduce soreness. Boxing, on the other hand, is intense and my lifting suffers if I try to do so twice a week. My diet is much better than what I ate when I was competing long ago. Unfortunately, due to the need to use the bathroom, 8 hours of attempted sleep isn't as beneficial as it could be.

    The reason a NLP worked for squats was because I hadn't been doing them and I started light. I also backed off on the intensity of my other lifts, because I knew that once my squatting went from pathetic to (hopefully) mediocre that whatever followed them would be suffer from fatigue. If I felt comfortable doing cleans, I would use LP for that lift, as I did with squats, and something more suitable for the lifts I have been training consistently.

    Although a linear program worked well for me at 15, my gains now come primarily from working on technique deficiencies. As such, I won't know until long after my current program has begun if it is working or not which is why I am seeking advice now. Where I work out, all of the people who are at my strength level are much younger, usually heavier and commonly train with short rests. If I had tried to train like them, my first post would have been in the "Managing Injuries" area.

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    As I said, I'm not a coach, other, more experienced lifter might be able you better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nockian View Post
    As I said, I'm not a coach, other, more experienced lifter might be able you better.
    You clearly understand the programs. Thank you again for taking the time to offer suggestions.

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