Mods to HLM with rep progression questions? Mods to HLM with rep progression questions?

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Thread: Mods to HLM with rep progression questions?

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    Default Mods to HLM with rep progression questions?

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    I have a couple of questions concerning the HLM w/ rep progression program found in Barbell Presc. page 262 diagram 24-17.

    1 - why would someone choose doing the dynamic effort sets shown on the medium day (24-19 diagram) vs the medium day listed for rep progression on diagram 24-17? I guess I'm asking the difference between the DE sets and the 5x2/5x3 sets on the med day in diagram 24-17?

    2 - Could I add an additional deadlift day, and what would be the ideal day (H or M or a 4th day?) and set/reps/percentage if I did? (I'm in week 3 of the program and did 1x5x170 lbs).

    I've been strength training for 4 years (have done a linear progression using 5-3-1). I've been in my current gym for 2 years, where I have made progress, but I am desiring a more "barbell/compound lift" focused program. My current program does the main lifts once per week (but at various percentages of 1rpm), and with the additional accessory work that we do, I simply don't have the strength/energy to progress in my numbers. I hit a 195 pr in my deadlift, but after another 10 week period of training, dropped to 190. Hence the reason to try this program above.

    Female - 57 years YOUNG!
    5'2", 126 lbs
    deadlift: 195
    back squat: 135
    bench: 93

    In addition, I know it's frowned upon, but I am a long distance runner. I previously ran marathons, but in the last 4 years I have significantly dropped the amount of running that I do.
    I've been a runner all my life and will still be maintaining some mileage along with doing this program above.


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    Pg 298 phase II/III .

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    1. Since BBRx discusses the reasons a Masters lifter might choose DE on medium day, I am going to skip that question.

    2. If adding a second deadlift, I would use something like Program 6A but substitute 1x5 deadlifts with the same percentage offset from the heavy day for chins on the medium day.

    I had switched to a TM with the volume day split, a recovery day and an intensity day. I prefer 2x5 or 3x3 deadlifts on Monday and 1x5 on Friday, but most SS programs only support one set of deadlifts.

    I competed in multiple sports through college and lifted on my own since adolescence. We all have different goals and some athletes make lifting their primary sport while others use it to enhance performance in other areas. Unless you are a serious powerlifting competitor, I would continue to pursue activities that you enjoy even if they might inhibit your lifting progress. Personally, I find 30 to 40 minute Stairmaster sessions and some sled pushing helps with my recovery as long as I am not collapsing at the end of a session. Depending on how hard you train as a runner and how you feel on the light day, you may want to vary the intensity on that day to see how it affects your lifting on your heavy and medium days. To be clear, my comments are directed towards someone who intends to pursue other sports and not as a challenge to the wisdom of those who believe that such additional activity may inhibit one's lifting.

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    Thank you for your responses!



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