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    I am a soldier and unfortunately in the next few months I will be the whole week in the field for trainings. I will be able to train with gym equipment only once a week (maybe twice on special weeks).
    I have two questions:
    1. If I can do only one brabell training in a week what should I do in that workout?
    2. Do you have any advice for trainings I can do in the field for the rest of the week?
    using bodyweight or any other equipment that I an carry to the field.

    Thanks alot!

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    Itamar573, I am actually really curious what ended up happening as I am a Soldier in the Washington Army National Guard, so I experience a lot of the same stuff. To be honest, field operations are usually exhausting enough that I just chalk up FTXs as a loss, and just use them as a chance to recover. Does your unit have you wearing full kit in the field? Honestly, if you are trying to get workouts in the field, do as much of the lifting and shit as you can do. We are a logistics and supply unit, so any chance I get to load/unload trucks, carry water jugs, fill fuel cans, lift MRE case, I jump on the chance. Also, thank you for your service!

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    Was a combat engineer in the Canadian Army for 15 years and can relate to having difficulty maintaining strength and training while in the field.

    When in Afghanistan we made some makeshift benches out of wood salvaged from pallets. Barbells we made by lashing two six foot pickets together with baling wire and then inserting the ends through barb wire spools for weight - looks badass too! Chin up bars can be made out of just about anything, anywhere. And of course there are always sandbags...lots and lots of sandbags...

    Takes a bit of creativity and maybe a bit of begging, borrowing, and stealing...

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    You can't train in the field, since you don't have access to the equipment necessary for training. You can exercise in the field, if you don't think the field exercise is enough exercise. But training, in the sense that you are going to squat 352.5 x 5 x 3, up from 347.5 x 5 x 3, obviously cannot be done in the field. Just call it a necessary layoff and start back when you get home, since that's all you can do anyway.


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