ClubFoot, knee valgus. little mobilty. Trying to squat ClubFoot, knee valgus. little mobilty. Trying to squat

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Thread: ClubFoot, knee valgus. little mobilty. Trying to squat

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    Default ClubFoot, knee valgus. little mobilty. Trying to squat

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    Hello everyone

    This is my first post here and extremely happy to have joined the community.
    I was born with severe club foot and knee deformity as a baby I had surgery done on my left foot (addressing short tendons around the inside foot) and had corrective casting and speciality shoes done until about I was 8 years old.

    I am currently 24 years old 175 cm and 77kg bodyweight. Have been training properly for the last 6 months and about half way through my novice progression. (135kg deadlift,80kg bench) but due to mobility issues I have with my legs I have been very cautious with my squats and the most I've ever gone was 80kg for 7 reps.
    I am still dealing with very poor ankle mobility, feeling a strain Achilles tendon from running or skipping and about 9cm of knee valgus between my feet and very flat feet with about 1.5 size difference in the left and right foot.
    My main issue is I can't hit parallel depth without at least 1.3 inches of plates under my heels.
    I am currently using plates underneath my heels with my regular Nike metcons. But I feel like it's too dangerous. Looking to purchase the Adidas Leistungs with 1 inch heels and adding a little heels with the help the cobbler.
    Is there any thing I should be doing to help my squats? I don't have much issue with deadlift (I deadlift barefoot) but my squats are a mess but really trying to improve them.

    Here are some picture of the situation in my legs.

    20191224-123839 —
    20191224-123828 —
    20191224-123753 —
    20191224-123637 —

    Thanks so much

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    20191224-123753 — This picture shows easily enough dorsiflexion to perform a below parallel squat with not trouble. If you can't get below parallel, it's not because of this ankle.

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    I'd probably post a video of your squat, with and without the plates under the heels.

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply
    I'm not exactly sure what it is. Could be the angle of my knee joint or something else.

    Here's an update.sorry about the delay in my response.
    I went out and got the highest heeled weight lifting shoes at 1 inch effective heel height.

    Here's a video of me squatting 85 kg for 5 reps.
    I can hit depth and try to be as symmetrical as possible with as little valgus as possible but I'm still sometimes getting some heel lift of and instability but no longer falling backwards thanks to low bar squatting.
    I appreciate it if you can take a look


    Here's a video of me squatting 85kg with the highest heel shoes (1inch Adidas Leistungs) that I could find. Much easier to hit depth but still get a little heel lift off.


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