To keep this as short as possible, lifts will be 1RMS, with me being Sex:Male Age:20, Bodyweight:98KG (on creatine) and Height:185cm

Bench Press:120KG
Power Clean:100KG

Now as for addressing the question in the title, I will be giving some more context. I have managed to keep these lifts from a bodyweight of 112KG while losing body fat and getting to 98KG in 4 months. Something strange happened at that time though, I had tonsilitis for 2 weeks, leaving me unable to practically eat anything more than 800 calories a day, resulting in me losing about 4KG in a week. Strangely enough, 3 weeks after my initial day of the infection, I hit a PR on my Press while maintaining everything else????
Anyway, let's head to the present. Present me still has these lifts BUT now also trains boxing 3 times a week (training is not VERY taxing in my case as the trainer knows about my lifting and trusts me doing strength training there instead of the class).
I had been training an Upper Lower 4 times a week but now this feels impossible because I would have to train twice a day for boxing and lifting because Sundays are unavailable, resulting me to reach for a 3 day Full body split. The Programs in my sight were the Texas method, Madcow 5x5 and HLM and I chose the Texas Method because it looked more exciting but I felt the need to modify it for both hypertrophy and strength purposes in the upper body lifts, while keeping the strength-only approach on the lower body.My calories will be set around maintenance/slight surplus so I don't get out of control as I still have weight that needs to go. I took some advice through Jordan Feigenbaum's article "12 Ways To Skin The Texas Method" and more specifically his 8th "Problem:I’m a bodybuilder. I need to train for hypertrophy. Can I use TM?". Now I am not a bodybuilder, but it wouldnt hurt to look more aeshetically pleasing after getting decently strong would it? Anyway, this is what I came up with:

Day 1:
Squat 5x5 90%5RM
OHP or Bench press 5x8 73%5RM
Pendlay Rows 3x6
Arms Superset x15'

Day 2:
Squats 2x5 (80% of Monday)
OHP or Bench Press 3x8 70%5RM
Deadlift 1x5
Chin up 3xFailure

Day 3:
Squat 1x5RM
OHP or Bench Press 5RM (95KG)
Power Clean 6x2 or Barbell Rows 5x10
Good Morning 3x10 or Hip Thrusts 3x10
Arms Superset x15'

As you can see I modified the Upper body lifts to have more volume in them for the first 2 days but still kept the 5RM on the last day as an indicative of strength increase. The percentage I used is through Prilepin's chart, resulting in about an RPE 8 on about the first 3 sets and RPE 9-9.5 on the last 2 and also added some arm and side delt work in the end of day 1 and 3.

Problems I am worried about:
1)As you can see my squat is not the greatest, could it use a different approach? (I have had Patellofemoral Syndrome which doesnt allow me to train VERY intensely for many sessions a week but I feel this is doable), my worry is that it might lack intensity for my current strenght or even volume, what do you think?
2)On Upper body lifts, could that approeach give me my desirable effects?

I hope what I wrote was well documented and didn't tire you out. Feel free to notify me of ANYTHING wrong with it. Thank you for your time.