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    I have a home gym setup, so I'm not personally affected by the gym closures sweeping the world right now. But it occurred to me that some people who might not have the money to buy a complete home gym setup might still have enough to buy a bar and some plates, and there are lifts you can do without a rack.

    Assuming somebody only has enough money to buy a barbell and some plates, but not a rack, I envisioned they could perform the following program to keep the detraining at bay:

    Day 1: Deadlift 1x5
    Day 2: Press 3x5
    Day 3: Power Clean 5x3
    Day 4: Press 3x5
    Day 5: Deadlift 1x5 @ 80%
    Day 6: Hoard nonessentials
    Day 7: Harass workers at a drive-through testing site

    For press, I imagine they could clean the bar into the rack position.

    Is this a reasonable program? Any suggested modifications?

    Is the pulling volume sufficient? Too much? Just right?

    Is it reasonable to clean and press the first rep of a set of presses?

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    It is ok to clean and press. Nothing wrong with that. Beautyfull movment. One of my favorite exrecise in the gym.

    Pulling volume depends on how much you pull and how well you recover from it.

    This program is not reasonable in my opinion. You could do all of this in 2 days.

    Simple squat stands, the ones you can see in some oldschool pictures and training videos are cheaper then the barbell itself. Bench you can make from wood. You need just about 250 cm of 2x8 and ten 10cm long wood screws.

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    Lots of sub-optimal gets done at crossfit boxes with just bars and bumper plates

    what about using this as a temporary MWF split. Of course this is not doing the program.

    A workout:
    Power Clean to Press: 5 reps x 3 sets
    Power clean to front squat, 8 reps x 3 sets (you can usually front squat quite a bit more than you can power clean, so adjust accordingly).
    deadlift work up to heavy 5x3, adding 2 more sets than normal because of the low intensity of front squatting.

    B workout:
    Snatch to overhead squat: 5 reps x 3 sets
    Bench from floor (put the weight up on wood blocks and slide under it) or triangle pushups or pushups with a plate on your back or dips
    deadlift work up to heavy 5x3, adding 2 more sets than normal because of the low intensity of front squatting.

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    You can do all kinds of work without a rack, especially if you get your clean powerful.

    Press- clean it into position
    Power clean
    Front squat- clean it into the front rack position
    Floor press- you can hip bridge this into position if you don’t have blocks
    Straight leg deadlift
    Romanian deadlift
    Find a place/ way to to chin-ups and dips

    Be creative and have fun


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