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Thread: Type 2 Diabetes: more weight OR higher reps?

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    Insulin resistance is improved with fat loss and muscle gain so whatever helps you achieve that, especially visceral fat

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    The biggest thing here is exercise in general. The biggest driver of type 2 DM is adipose tissue causing insulin resistance, which causes the pancreas to overwork itself causing inflammation and long term damage. Once you have about 10-20% pancreatic reserve left you start getting symptoms (or so I recall). Loosing weight is really good for DM. And exercise reduces insulin resistance in general. Thereís too many benefits of exercise to list here. Also, track carbs. You canít stop eating carbs entirely - thatís a recipe for disaster. But you will get better results by managing them and trying to side with ones that have a lower glycemic index. Thereís some excellent diabetic educators out there who run classes. Understanding what diabetes is and how your insulin/glucose system works will give you a lot of power over it because youíll understand precisely where and why to adjust your lifestyle. And bottom line is keep the A1c low. All the complications come from elevated blood sugar.

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