Leverage Squat Machine okay? Leverage Squat Machine okay?

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    Would it be okay to get a Leverage Squat Machine to get us started this time? This would help us gain some strength and start loosing some fat so we can bend over easier (we're really fat), along with using a push sled, and doing bench presses and presses to gain some strength. Low back squats and deadlifts are not possible right now -- but hopefully will be in the next month or two.

    My wife and I want to start Starting Strength, NLP. We're 52/53 years old, and both have lots of issues/injuries: I broke my back at L1, L2, and L4, along with 4 complete fractures of the talus bone in R ankle - 10 years ago, and haven't lifted since (I lifted for decades, but all show muscle lifting and stupidly was always worried about body fat percentage). I also had reconstructive surgery on L shoulder to reattach tendons for both shoulder and bicep). My wife had L knee surgery 3 years ago, and it hurts worse now than before surgery -- after a knee injury). So, we have some issues. We're also both very overweight now, though we would have been considered underweight by Mark before all of our injuries and accidents. I'm 225, 5'8", wife is 200, 5'4".

    We had a SS coach come to our house once 3 years ago to coach us before my wife's knee surgery, and we tried a workout 2 days after his coaching (he did a great job in my opinion), but my wife screamed out in pain after trying a deadlift, and never did it again after that. I know this is entirely our fault, as we should have had him coaching us for follow up workouts. I stupidly though we could do it ourselves. We also can't hold the bar for squats in either low or high bar positions because of shoulder mobility issues for both of us.

    Am I an f-ing idiot for trying this approach?

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    Sometimes you have to make modifications. There is nothing wrong with that. Using a leg press machine is a legitimate way to get started for sure. For the deadlift you might be able to start with rack pulls and slowly work your way down to the ground.
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