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    Programing questions for a 72-year-old male, 185 lbs, 5'6"
    No real strength training history, however, he has been "active" and fucking around in the gym for years. Never squatted, never deadlifted.

    I've had him training twice weekly in the NLP, with 2.5 lbs increases in the upper body lifts.

    Current Lifts are:
    Squat: 190 X 3
    DL: 220 X 5
    Press: 87.5 3X3
    Bench 115 X3X3

    He has been Squatting for 3X3 on Monday and Thursday. 5lbs increases
    Pressing for 5X3 on Tuesdays. 2.5 lbs. increases
    Benching for 5X3 on Thursday. 2.5 lbs. increases
    and Deadlifting for a single set of 5 on Monday and Thursday. 5 lbs. increases.

    His knees started swelling up the day after training, however, he feels great immediately post-training.

    I'm thinking about switching him to an upper-lower split on the same days, with the Progam Below. Please let me know how you would adjust this.

    Squat: work up to a single set of 3
    Deadlift: work up to a single set of 5

    Press 3 sets of 3
    Bench 3 sets of 5

    Box Squat: Work to a single set of 5
    Deadlift: Work up to a single set of 5 +5lbs

    Bench 3 sets of 3
    Press 3 sets of 5

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    I knew you were going to say that sir;

    It is being delivered today as well as Strong Enough.

    I was just trying to get a head start so i don't cause any harm.

    Thank you.

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    You should probably use the two day novice setup that utilizes less deadlift frequency and a light squat day from the Barbell Prescription. Recovering from two days a week of heavy deadlifts and squats is probably what causes the knee issue.

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    Follow the book, it's an excellent source of information for us geezers. Having arrived at age 70 last month, I now lift 3 days a week but have an A, B, C, and D workout that overlaps into the next week. I squat on Session B and deadlift on Session D. This gives me the needed time for my aging lumbars to recover. At least so far.


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