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Thread: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Squats

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    Question Between a Rock and a Hard Place Squats

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    I've been working on the program for a few weeks and have two conflicting problems which are making squatting difficult

    The first is tingling fingers/arms after squatting. I've read this is usually caused by poor bar placement or incorrect spinal alignment so have tried a number of slight variations of posture and position of the back squat and haven't found one that works without the tingling

    The second is that I then tried front squats, but a long standing supraspinatus tear gets enflamed when using a barbell for this and kettle bells only go up so high for a goblet squat grip (which doesn't harm my shoulder)

    One exercise I'm thinking of trying is a hex bar deadlift. I read elsewhere Rip consider this to be functionally similar to a squat. Is this the case? Would a hex bar deadlift be a suitable replacement for me? If not, what else might make sense?

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    Grip is likely the cause of the arm pain. We would normally adjust the width of your grip and then the orientation of your palm before looking into other squatting variations. Try going wider with your grip. And for orientation, try rotating your hand inward a bit:
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