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    My wife is 36 and and weighs 270 Iím guessing. She used to be a collegiate athlete but has has 3 ankle surgeries and canít risk any more. She is in her 3rd week of NLP. I donít think she should power clean and to be honest there is no way she will do them even if I wanted her to. Might I ask, would you recommend someone like her replace them with another exercise? Standing barbell rows? Her deadlift started at 45 and is now at 70. Her squat is at 60. Bench is 52.5.

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    When the time comes, she can alternate the DL with barbell rows or chin-ups. Might be better to alternate in Chin-Ups as I find they help drive the PR and BP well. If she doesn't have body weight chin-ups yet, she can begin to work on them using lat pull-downs, assisted chin-ups, inverted rows, etc., depending on what you have available.
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    If these numbers are in pounds, it will be quite some time before she needs a light pulling day.


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