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    I am a 48 year old male weighing 210lbs and standing 5'10". I have moved from LP to the Four Day Split as I have done in the past. I found this time as in the past times that when I do two pressing movements in one day, I have sore, achy shoulders later the same day and the following day(s). This is never a problem in LP or in HLM the times I have used that.

    My last pressing day was Heavy Press 3X5 followed by Light Bench at about 95% of previous Heavy Bench for 3X3 (keeping intensity up and volume down). This caused considerable soreness in the right shoulder and moderate in the left.

    It is clear this is too much stress. I am wondering where in the pressing part of the program I should remove stress from the make it most effective and reasonably comfortable.



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    One option is to stick with a 3-day HLM or old man TM. If you want to stick with a 4 day split you may need to drop some of the upper body. This can be done a few ways. 1) You could do a cycle of only BP and then a cycle of only PR and so forth, 2) You could elect to only PR (or BP) on one of your upper body days (leaving the other lift as a focus), 3) You could spread the 4-day over 8 days (with every other day off). Based on what you said, I think options 1 or 2 would give the best results if sticking with a 4-day.
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