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    Is this book suitable for guys in there 30's, squatting in the low - mid 4's with a stressful work life?


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    I just bought a copy (age 33), and I'm reading through it now. It's a hell of an interesting book, and it's a tremendous supplement to the blue book, explaining in great detail why and how the model works. Maybe I'll pull something out of there to inform my own training, or maybe not. Even so, I'm glad I picked it up.

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    I fit your description except 40 yrs old and a high 3s squat. I'd be doing NLP still if I could sleep better and recover better. I am essentially using the program on the top of page 157 in Practical Programming and find it's enough of a reprieve to keep some progress (chins for one of the presses every week). Of course I am conceding slower progress than NLP.

    I own BBRx as well and it has a wide variety of programming ideas, I just settled on the one in Practical Programming for now until it doesn't work because I liked it. I don't think you'll know what's right for you unless you read the programs in both books.

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    I posted the same question in the general q and a with some good responses, even one from sully.


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