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    hello all, I'm a new member and I'm attempting the NLP for the third time.

    I'm 41 and I've been working night shit consistently for the about 3 years (very consistent schedule, working from 8PM to 4AM, sleeping from 5AM to 12PM, workout 2PM-3PM). I'm working on changing this situation but to do so I need to relocate, so my plan has been postponed for 2 years, and counting, thanks to the COVID madness... but that's another topic

    1st attempt, Mar-Jun 2020: I got stuck very early; I was not eating enough and not resting well, I got diagnosed with a severe sleeping apnea and have been using a CPAP machine ever since
    2nd attempt, Oct-Dec 2020: I got stuck at exactly the same weights (very low) and gained no muscle but a bunch of body fat. I was always tired... got tested for low T (low 200s) and started TRT in May 2021

    I kept training in a "BB style" while starting TRT and noticed some improvements in terms of body fat loss and muscle building and a little increment in strength, so I decided to give SS NLP another try

    So here are my current results in 5 weeks of SS
    Weight: 208 -> 214 lbs
    waist: 38" -> 39"
    Squat: 230 -> 270 lbs
    Deadlift: 255 -> 305 lbs
    Bench: 135 -> 155 lbs
    Press: 100 -> 115 lbs
    Power clean: 95 ->130 (here I started very low because I've never done that before; unfortunately I think I have to stop because I have a previousely injured left knee that hurts for a couple of days after I clean)

    my current diet is about 3300kcal/day with 210g protein, 310g carbs and 130g fat (averages from my log but pretty consistent from day to day)

    during the first 2 weeks I noticed that I was able to perform all 3 lifts on Monday, only 2 lifts on Wed and barely finishing the squat on Friday, so I decided to start doing a 4 day split in which I attempt only 1 PR per workout; also in this way I can maintain the workout shorter (about 55 minutes) and it seemed to work pretty well

    so my workout schedule looks like this:
    Mon: Press 3x5 PR, Bench 5x5 80% of last PR, chin ups (with band because I'm not able to perform it body weight)
    Tue: Squat 3x5 PR, Power clean
    Thu: Bench 3x5 PR, Press 5x5 80% of last PR, pulll ups (with band)
    Fri: DL 1x5 PR, Squat 5x5 80% of last PR, Dumbell shrugs 4x15 (I'm trying to improve my grip strength)

    Last week I failed both the Squat @ 275 (got 3,2,2) and the DL @ 315 (only 2 reps)

    given the fact that my working schedule is probably affecting my recovery even if I sleep consistently 7 hours a night, and that perhaps the TRT has not yet completely reverse all the low T problems in the 5 months I've been on, what do you suggest I do to continue my LP?

    sorry for the long post, but I tried to give you enough information since my situation is somehow peculiar

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    I forgot to mention my height is 5"11

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    So, you're not doing the program. Carry on.

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    You're not doing anything remotely close to NLP. Why can you only do 2 lifts on Wednesday? Do you just stop? Do you try and complete your deadlift and cannot move it? Are you resting enough between sets on the squat? You should go train with a coach if you want an assessment of how to continue progress.


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