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    Hi, question about intensity day programming. Had an idea and wondering if it's worth pursuing or a giant waste of time.

    I am doing the four-day TM from the book--the version with volume and intensity for all four lifts each week.

    Question relates to programming whatever comes after the top intensity set. I've only been doing this four-day split for a couple of weeks. On the first week, after my top intensity set, I did two back-offs at 90% of the top set, which is also my volume day lift. This week after intensity, I did two back-offs at 95% of the top set. And then on each intensity day after the intensity lifts, I do one accessory lift--almost 3x10 dips (today was 10-9-8) on bench and press day and 3x10 weighted glute/ham raises on squat and deadlift day.

    After my session today, had the thought that it might be fun to try a 1RM after each intensity set instead of back-off sets. Realize these wouldn't be true 1RMs and I wouldn't use them to inform any future programming; just thought it might be a fun wrinkle and an opportunity to feel a heavier bar.

    Would this be a waste of time? Would I be sacrificing further strength adaptations by forgoing the 2x5 drop-sets after intensity squat, bench, and press? What about doing it less-than-weekly, like maybe once a month or something?

    Appreciate the input!

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    Using the term 1RM implies that it is a maximum. Sounds like you would be building up to a heavy single? It's certainly fine to do, but as with the other back-off work following your intensity set(s), you need to monitor overall volume and intensity to make sure you are driving strength adaptations and not running yourself into the ground.
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