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    I am from Germany. I hope you can understand my english :-) I read the books "Starting Strength" and "Partical Programming in Strength Training".
    My sport is tug of war. Our requirements are about the same like those of rowing. We also need some endurance, because our competition is like an intervall where we are pulling again and again.
    We train 2 or 3 times the week in the gym in the off season. In the season about 1 or 2 times. We train much with the barbell. Squats, Deadlift, Bench Press, Barbell row. In our Training we do sometimes twice a week 5 hart sets deadlift, because it is our most important exercise. Repetitions are between 5 and 10.
    In these two books is said that you should not train more than one hart set deadlift per week. Is this mainly for powerlifters? Is this only one kind of training? Is it possible to train like we do? Is it possible to train twice a week 5 hart sets per workout? I am a bit insecure now.

    I would be happy for an answer.

    Greetings from Germany

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    5 hard sets 2x/week is too much. But DL volume is relative to the individual and whatever else is going on in the program.

    How much do you DL, Squat, and what do you weigh??

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