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well, there you have it. The point of this book, this program, this board, and this community, is not to get "strong enough" to adequately perform job duties. It is to get stronger, continuously. And then get stronger after that.
You cannot get stronger continuously and indefinitely. Especially if you have competing physical requirements in your life/profession. You are describing the sport of powerlifting, which I did not understand the participation in was a part of the SS book, program, or board.

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So above, you said "they don't think it is necessary for them to do what is required at their jobs" and someone said "that is not why we squat.." you said "i didn't say that, and i don't think they would say that either"..

But, per their arguments you listed above, that is, in fact, exactly why they squat. But that's not why we squat. So, problem solved
Why do you squat? All I've brought up was a thought about the necessity of utilizing the stretch reflex during squats in regards to athletic performance inprovements. I have found your comments to be unhelpful, focused on semantics, and attempting to end discussion. So, why do you squat?