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And one more goddamn time, I'll ask for the paper that informs training better than the clinical experience. One More Fucking Time. The money shot.
You're not gonna find this one study, and the fact that you think there should be one illustrates your fundamental misunderstanding of this field works. One study will not beat your 40 years of experience. Hundreds of them will in certain ways though, and if you read none of them because they are all flawed, you are missing the forest for the trees.

They are usually trying to test one little thing, and they often find useful conclusions. For instance one Schoenfeld study that is often cited is the one where he had one group do 3 sets of 8, and another group do 8 sets of 3. Both at intensities that made it kind of hard, so the 8 sets of 3 worked at larger weights. Anyways, they achieved similar hypertrophy after a certain number of weeks, but the strength group achieved larger strength gains. Now there are two ways main takeaways here:
1) Working with high weights is necessary to get good at working with high weights (which most probably think "duh" to).
2) For pure hypertrophy, the total volume itself is the most important factor.