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Thread: Let's Talk Sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by throwinshapes View Post
    Haha, instead of those goofy glasses, download the free apps f.lux (windows) and lux (android) which can be programmed to automatically cut blue light and overall brightness at night.
    I use that too, but you know lights in a room are white, and thus contain blue light. In my experience, this works much better. If you are concerned with looking goofy, you don't have to buy them, I find they serve their purpose.

    F.lux really doesn't help that much alone for me at least. Indicator lights on monitors, speakers and so on in addition to normal lights that might be on before you get completely ready to sleep, matter too.

    It also seems like there's almost a pavlovian response on me when I take melatonin and put on those glasses now. Getting to sleep is much easier than before, though that might be more the melatonin than the glasses, not sure, started using them at the same time.
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