How to get Version 1.10 Update [iOS] How to get Version 1.10 Update [iOS]

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Thread: How to get Version 1.10 Update [iOS]

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    Default How to get Version 1.10 Update [iOS]

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    Sorry for the basic question, don't have much app experience. I purchased version 1.0 off the App Store the first day it was available. Will the version 1.10 automatically update on my iPad or do I have to do something (how to I update to 1.10)? Where in the 1.10 app will I find the new warmup calculator? Thanks!

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    Hey Mike, go to the app store and click on "updates" at the bottom. It'll show all the apps that need updating. If you have things set up to auto update, you won't have anything listed.

    Once your app is updated, the warmup calculator is in the training log. Hit the bar to the left of each lift for the warmup calculator and other options.


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