SQ: 130kg (although I have previously attempted a 140kg squat, but failed to get 5 reps in each set)
DL: 170kg
PRESS: 70kg
PW CLEAN: 60kg (form breaks down after about 65kg)
On the SS website a short description of the advanced novice stage is given (attached in this thread).
I train on Tuesdays-Thursdays-Saturdays, with workout A comprising of the squat, press & deadlifts & workout B comprised of squat, bench press, & power cleans (before the app instructed me to add chin ups to my workouts).
The chin ups are, by default added to workout B.

This is my training log from the start of October until now:
03/10 (A) : SQ 122.5kg (5,5,5), Press 67.5kg (5,5,5), DL 162.5kg (1x5)
05/10 (B) : SQ 112.5kg (5,5,5), BP 102.5kg (5,4,2), PW CLEAN none, Chin ups (3x8 because I cannot do the default 12 reps set by the app)
07/10 (A) : SQ 125 kg (5,5,5), Press 70kg (5,4,3), DL 165kg (1x5)
10/10 (B) : SQ 127.5kg (5,5,5), BP 102.5kg (5,5,4), PW Clean 72.5kg (3,1,1,0,0), Chin ups (3x8)
12/10 (A) : SQ 130kg (5,5,5), Press 70kg (5,5,5), DL 167.5kg (1x5)
The program instructs me to do chin ups on day B, but on 07/10 the app did not put up chin ups in the workout, which confused the hell out of me. The app does not add the chin ups on the day when I have to do them.
My question is:
Should I just do whatever the app puts up for me to do & let it dictate my workouts (what it was made for), or should I change up something in the app?

I hope someone understands what the problem is.