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Thread: keyboards and date pickers

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    Default keyboards and date pickers

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    While this isn't functionally "broken", many of the app's on-screen keyboards don't have the "Done" button on them, while some do. It would improve usability if they all did. See attached and iOS dev page on implementing this.

    fullsizeoutput_130f.jpg fullsizeoutput_1311.jpg

    Managing the Keyboard
    objective c - How to add done button on keyboard on top of keyboard in IOS? - Stack Overflow
    ios - How to add Done button to the keyboard? - Stack Overflow

    Also, the edit-workout has a date picker which is useful, but doing so brings up the numeric keyboard for keying in a new date which is tedious. It would be better to use an iOS date picker. See attached and iOS control page for date picker.

    fullsizeoutput_1310.jpg fullsizeoutput_130e.jpg

    Pickers - Controls - iOS Human Interface Guidelines


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    Thanks Matt, will look into this.


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