Hi all.

So I've been away from the program for a long while and wanted to start over from scratch. This proved to be somewhat difficult to accomplish in the app since it kept restoring my old data over and over. But I found the way.
So here's a quick writeup if anyone else should want to start from scratch:

1. Uninstall app (or alternatively force close it and clear cache and data).
2. Set phone to Airplane mode (disable all networking).
3. Install and open the app. Skip login, just go into the app as a "new user".
4. Disable Airplane mode/Reactivate networking.
5. Go into options and log into your account. Answer NO if app asks whether to restore data.
6. Start your workout session, save the data locally. Finish it up and then go into options again and upload the data to the cloud. Answer yes if app asks to overwrite data in the cloud with your local data.